The Photocaravan

Creative Services



Rates starting at $250

Food photography, event photography, portrait photography and more. Photography was the first service provided by The PhotoCaravan, and it’s still at the core of who we are. Our team is full of visual storytellers and camera experts who stage, shoot, and edit photos. Inquire about our photography styles and team of photographers to get started on your PhotoCaravan photo session.

Food photography


Rates starting at $1000

Create something beautiful, then capture it beautifully. That’s the philosophy behind our videography services. We’re equipped to create a unique story or showcase yours from a perspective you never thought of. Our team has completed video shoots for business, music videos, claymation videos, narrative documentary videos, event videos and video interviews. Our services are varied, and every outcome is unique. Ask about our videography services, then start dreaming about shoot day.


Rates starting at $500

It’s a popular platform for people looking for information and entertainment during their commutes, at work, and at home. Podcast interviews, podcasts for business, and podcast storytelling are all in our repertoire. Contact us about our podcast services and get ready to hit record.




Whether you need multiple services or something really unique, we can create a custom package depending upon your needs. We would love to hear more and work with you to bring you something beautiful.