The Photocaravan

Storytelling at its finest.


A Team of Creative Freelancers Hitting the Road to Tell Your Story

The PhotoCaravan is a group of creative freelancers who love working together to tell a good story. We travel together in a classic VW Vanagon as a way to document the journey to your location and then show up as a team ready to create. Our team consists of photographers, videographers, writers, bloggers, podcasters, stylists, musicians, and more.  With our combined skills and talents, we can fulfill most of your creative needs for a project, event, location, styled shoot, social media posting schedule, printed pieces, etc. Instead of hiring individual freelancers or an entire marketing company, we can fulfill your individual needs through a network of trusted creatives.


Delivering Creative Content for Your Project

Our goal is to listen to your needs and connect the best freelancers in our caravan who can produce the best content for your project. What sets us apart, though, is that we also can document the journey to your location as a way to bring hype and awareness and tell the full story of who you are and why we are coming. The journey is just as important as the project.


Our Goals


Produce killer content for your project, event, or space.


Bring awareness to your business, event, or location through social media postings in the van before arriving and during event.


Meet the specific needs of clients by matching the right freelancers with the right needs.


Produce a full package of content without you having to hire multiple individuals who do not know how to work together.